I am your translator!

If top quality is non-negotiable, I am the translator for you. Based on my technical qualifications and many years of on-the-job experience, I am able to provide you with professional translation results at a fair price.


I have been working as a technical translator since 2006. Besides my passion for languages, it is especially the broad experience from my education and my professional career that has helped me to gain the wide range of knowledge that is essential for my work as a translator – a big plus when working on translation jobs of different kinds.

Education: English, Dutch, B.Sc. in Computer Science

After studying English-Speaking Cultures in Bremen, Germany, I changed to the technical domain, now holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (B. Sc., Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, 2008). After following several language courses and spending six months in the Netherlands, I was able to offer Dutch as a second source language. Today I carry out translations from Dutch into German on a regular basis.

I started working as a translator in a Berlin based agency. After several years as a staff translator and project coordinator, I started working freelance in part-time in 2009. Since 2011, I work solely freelance for a variety of customers.

From the very beginning, I concentrated on technical translations, with the fields of IT and business management as main areas (see specialties for details).

I will gladly provide you with copies of my diplomas and certificates upon request.