Quotes from Clients

Thanks a lot David, your help on this job has definitely helped to steer this project in the right direction!

(Remco Kok, COO Euro-Com International B.V.)

Mr. Terhart's translations [...] always met the most stringent demands. Overall, in our assessment, his performance was excellent.

(Excerpt from the employer reference provided by RWS Group Deutschland GmbH)

Hello David, our internal revision showed: a very good translation job!

(Katrien De Vocht, Inhaberin von KDV – Language & More)

Published Articles

  • Output Management Connection: Schwerpunkt sichere Ausgabe (translated version of Focus on Secure Document Delivery)
    Newsletter issued by LRS (Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.), a company that offers, among other things, SAP-based solutions for secure document delivery, published in February 2012
  • Change – Wie Daten den Journalismus verändern (translated version of Change – How data changes journalism)
    An essay by the British journalist Simon Rogers from the Guardian, which describes the changes taking place in the media, and which was published on February 22, 2012 on the online discourse portal "diskurs.dradio.de – Politik, Medien und Öffentlichkeit in Zeiten der Digitalisierung" (Politics, Media and Public Relations in the Digital Age)
  • Beiträge zur Opferhilfe (translated version of Contributions to Victim Assistance)
    An article by María Cruz Cristóbal of the European Commission, published on the occasion of the conference "Explosive Kriegshinterlassenschaften – Herausforderungen für die Opferhilfe" (Explosive Remnants of War – Challenges for Victim Assistance) on October 18, 2010